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Yahoo! News Search Results for life insurance
Yahoo! News Search Results for life insurance

Why Now is a Good Time to Consider Life Insurance (Harrisburg Daily Register)
(ARA) - Life insurance isn't a topic that is usually brought up at dinner time. No one likes to think about their death or the death of a family member. And no one thinks it could happen to them, but the reality is it could!
Why You Can't Depend on Group Life Insurance (Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch)
(ARA) - If you have a full time job, you may also be fortunate enough to have a free term life insurance policy through your employer. For most people, it's the equivalent of a year's salary. If you're lucky, it might even be as high as three times your annual salary.
Applying for Life Insurance? Be Sure to Tell Them Everything! (Herkimer Eveni...
(ARA) - The last time you filled out a job application, did you maybe stretch the truth a little about your responsibilities? A lot of people do it to make a better impression on a potential employer, but you better not do it on an application for life insurance!

Understanding Term Life Insurance Policy

Nobody knows what the future has in store for us. Nobody knows when our time on this world is up. Though thinking about our own death is never easy, we must acknowledge that anything is possible. Without a doubt, in the unfortunate event that you pass on prematurely, you would want to be assured that those you leave behind will be well taken cared of, and have the means to move on with their lives. An untimely death can leave your families burdened with emotional and financial loss especially if you are the main income earner of the family. Life insurance is intended to protect your family and other dependents from financial difficulties in the event of your early death. Insurance companies offer many forms of life insurance such as whole life, variable life and term life insurance. For many people, a life insurance policy is expensive and comes with very steep rates and premiums. It is true that whole life insurance can be very expensive since it is also an investment that builds cash value over time. However, term life insurance is a more affordable alternative option. It is the least expensive way to get substantial death benefit coverage. You will pay very low premiums compared to a whole life policy yet still get maximum benefits. On the other hand, the protection that term life insurance policy offers is only for a specified period or term and will expire without any cash value. Your beneficiaries will receive a death benefit only if you die within that term. Term Life Insurance has many advantages. The primary benefit of term life insurance policy is that is significantly more affordable than any other type of life insurance. Whole life insurance usually cost thousands of dollars a year compared with the few hundreds that term life insurance policy holders pay. And since term life insurance is the most basic life insurance policy, it is much simpler to understand and lets you have a personal choice. You pay a premium based on the amount of coverage and term length you choose. Term life insurance is also a better option for short-term needs such as mortgages, car loans, college education and others. For instance, a family can purchase a policy that will expire at the same time the children graduate from school. Thus, no mater what happens to the parents, the children can still continue to go to college. In the same way, the main income earner in the family can buy a term life insurance to make sure that the house's mortgage is taken cared off in the event that he or she passes on before the mortgage is paid.

There is a huge variety of term life insurance options available. When choosing a term life insurance policy, do your homework and shop around for the best rates. Online term life insurance quotes services lets you request and receive good quotes from many insurance companies at the same time. Buy a term life insurance policy that meets your needs. Remember that it is your family's financial security that you are ensuring. Make sure that your beneficiaries are covered until they are able to provide for themselves. Choose your term insurance policy wisely and make sure that your family is protected from any eventuality that the future holds.