I Am Back from School for the Summer

I am back from college for the summer, although I really can not say I am having a great time to be honest. Some of my friends went to the beach and got summer jobs, but I have a really good paying job working for a drain cleaning service in Passaic County NJ. As for fun, well there is not any of that. It is a really dirty job and so far this week we have been working a lot of hours. I am really lucky because they figured out that I am really good with the cameras they use to do sewer inspection. It is basically a very expensive radio controlled toy and I am actually quite expert with those. When I was younger we lived down the street from this guy who was just nuts about RC toys. He actually sold them on the internet and ran a website with forums and such. At any rate he let me play with all his stuff and taught me all about the technical stuff.

The tough thing is that Trina is going on to grad school and it is quite obvious that she is focused on that and that she is leaving me behind. She has gone to California and told me that she was not going to be back. I was not exactly surprised to be honest. It is not so big of a deal probably. Almost as soon as she was gone two of her best friends called me up. I am pretty sure that both of them were interested and there is not any reason that I should not be interested either of them. I would think about messing with both of them, but they talk to one another almost every day on Facebook and such. It would be foolish.