I Turned Down a Really Nice Looking Bribe

I got a really interesting offer while I was in Nevada, but the other guy had not really thought things through and he did not know how things worked. He showed up at the meeting and my intention was to blow him off, because I was not interested in the deal he was proposing. He brought a date though, an extremely attractive Asian lady he had found on the web page of las vegas asian escorts. I did not really care if he had a date, but I would have been interested in the offer if he had also been able to produce a deal that I could have take to Jake and Susan at the home office. To start off, no one really makes a deal on their own at any place that I ever worked at. If you did then you would end up with this sort of thing happening all of the time. Then after the deal on offer simply was not any good and no one believes that they could have executed their end of it.

These guys are playing in the deep end without learning how to swim. First off Jake would have laughed at me and Susan would have sent me to get a drug test if I had shown up with this deal and asked them to sign off. If it were only Jake I could have told him I took the bribe, but they forgot to get him a hot Asian escort. Susan would have been unamused by this sort of thing and probably gotten me fired as soon as she could. The guy took an envelope out of his pocket, I told him it did not look thick enough to replace a job like the one that I had and he could get lost. Of course the girl really looked insulted. I doubt that many men have sent her away.